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APPEAL Education Project:  Law and Economics: Contemporary Approaches


We are developing an edited reader for education and outreach to students, faculty, and professionals in law, economics, and other disciplines.  Contact us for more information,!



Frank Pasquale, Health Insurance Law and Policy


Raúl Carrillo & Pavlina Tcherneva, Unemployment: A Public Problem of Legal Design


Martha T. McCluskey & Mark Silverman, Law, Economics and the Minimum Wage


Kenneth Casebeer, The Public-Private Unity and Myth of Market and State Separateness (Constitutional Law, Labor )


Jamee K. Moudud, Law and Development:  Beyond the Third Moment


Angela Harris & Emma Coleman Jordan, Civil Rights Law


Kristin Johnson, Financial Regulation: OTC Derivatives


Rohan Grey and Robert Hockett, Legal Architecture of Public and Private Money


Frank Pasquale & Sandeep Vaheesan, Antitrust Law and Economics