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David M Driesen
Basic Information
Syracuse University
University Professor
Syracuse University College of Law

950 Irving Avenue

Syracuse, NY  
Email Address

Additional Information
About My Work
My work develops an economic dynamic approach to law, which focuses on the shape of change over time rather than static efficiency. It has a goal of avoiding systemic risk while keeping open a robust set of economic opportunities. It uses analysis of the bounded rationality of particular regulated groups and countervailing incentive analysis to understand how law influences conduct. I have applied this theory to environmental law, financial regulation, and other areas.
Professional Associations
Visiting Scholar, Harvard Law School; University Professor, Syracuse University; Member Scholar, Center for Progressive Reform; Editorial Boards, Carbon and Climate Law Review, Environmental Law (Oxford). Society for Environmental Taxation. Work includes blog posts, amicus briefs, Congressional testimony, opeds, and blog posts on law and economic issues (as well as books and scholarly articles).